Book your drain down with us and know that your holiday homes is protected through the winter.

Gold Package £60
What we do,

► remove the water from both the hot and cold systems by compressed air
► disconnect the shower hose
► place anti-freeze in the toilet bowls and cisterns
► place anti freeze in the ‘U’ bends of all sinks, showers and baths
► bag up the stopcock pipe to keep the critters out

Platinum Package £100
Same as above plus,

► install de-humidifying crystals to each room
► Open cupboards, move furniture and curtains away from walls to
allow air to flow and reduce dampness

We carry out the above after your last day at the caravan
During the first week of the season, we undo all of the above and return the caravan
back to how we found it.

Book your drain down by the 10th November using the form below,

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Gold Draindown
Platinum Draindown